Proud Descendants of the Third Clan

Proud Descendants of the Third Clan

Friday, 4 May 2012

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This website is maintained by a group of friends called Continental Frontiers Adventures Resources  composed of  Sundancer, Quemo Sabe, Chino, Manoy, Gitano, Hombre & Juan -

"Ne craignez querelles, mais cherchent des aventures."
 "Never fear quarrels, but seek adventures." 
The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas pere 1802-1870

 Manoy worked at Iloilo Province Capitol from 1975 to 1978 before coming to Canada. He investigated shady labor recruiters for the Middle East and ‘treasure hunters’ looking for the fabled WW II Yamashita treasure. The recruiters and the hunters were conmen fleecing the town folks who want their children to work abroad. It usually meant that the families have to sell the water buffalos used to till the farms in order to pay the recruiters, which is a bummer if you are a farmer. When the applicants get conned they end up in “Saudi Sarabia”, euphemism for a short plane trip to Cebu International. The treasure hunters sold shares for a hole in the ground with no gold, only stagnant and muddy waters. When the conmen are arrested new conmen take their places  and the evil cycle continues.

Gitano studied at MIT HS Kabacan, KNCHS class 1967, MSU Marawi Batch 1967,  and graduated college from NDMC in 1973. He has relatives in Signal Hill, Cotabato City; Malapag, Carmen, North Cotabato; Kibawe, Bukidnon; Marbel, &  Gensan, South Cotabato; and Davao City.

Hombre hung out with Major  Sam of the 4Masyu band, and Cap Simoy of the 4aMIGos band at Camp Evang, CdO in 1974. He met Baron, Abdul, Chabacano, Raffy, Bay Abas, Hudas, Satanas, Cat, Jack & Jake, Shaft Malabang, and many other color full figures in Sam’s and Cap’s merry bands of marauders. Hombre passed an integree exam and was offered a  chance by Cap to start a life that would have led to a star studded career but Hombre declined, and decided  to come to Canada instead in  1978 and did not regret it even though his classmates have now retired with  stars on their shoulders.

Manoy, Gitano, and Hombre are descendants of one of the three oldest clans in RP. In 1849 Spanish Gov Gen Claveria decreed that natives of the Filipinas colony, henceforth  use surnames. Only the descendants of the three native chiefs i.e. Lacandola, Humabon, and Tupas,* were allowed to retain their names, dating back to 1521 when Fernando Magallanes landed in Cebu.  Manoy, Gitano, and Hombre  belong to the Third Clan.

The  clan have relatives all over Visayas and Mindanao.  The clan count an ex-senator  from Davao City; an ex-congressman from Roxas City; an ex-governor, an ex-vice governor, two incumbent congressmen, an incumbent senator, an incumbent town mayor, all from Iloilo province; an incumbent governor and retired AFP CoS from Negros Occidental, an ex-PNP director general  from Luzon  as prominent relatives.  Other professions of members of the clan include lawyers, doctors nurses and the military.  Numerous cousins reside in cities all over North America and Europe.

Sundancer & Juan  met all the member-friends at the CFAR campings, bivouacs and long trips in the boonies, the wilderness and neighborhood houses in Canada.

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